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Better understand how checking accounts work.

How Can I Avoid Overdrafts

The best way to avoid overdrafts and fees is to keep track of your account balance by entering all checks, debit card purchases and ATM withdrawals in your check register, reconcile your check book regularly and manage your finances responsibly. We offer an online financial education tutorial to help you manage your checking account in order to avoid overdraft fees.

Additional Ways to Cover Overdrafts

Rates effective as of  .

Ways to Cover Overdrafts at POPA Federal Credit UnionExample of Associated Rates and Fees‡
Good Account Management$0
Link to your POPA Savings Account$0
Link to Cash Advance on your POPA Visa Credit Card$0 Cash Advance Fee + 12.00% APR‡
checking navigator your tool to financial education

†Your Bounce Protection limit may be available to approve overdrafts for checks, automatic bill payments, recurring debit card payments, and other transactions using your checking account number. At your request, we may authorize and pay ATM and everyday debit card transactions using your limit. If an overdraft is approved, you may be assessed our Courtesy Pay Fee of $25.00 for each item. All negative balances must be brought positive within 30 calendar days. POPA Federal Credit Union reserves the right not to pay if the account is not kept in “good standing.” Bulldogs and 2nd Chance Checking Accounts are not eligible for Bounce Protection. Please contact a Member Service Representative at 800-369-7672 for more details.

This information is effective as of 12/01/2022 and is provided as examples. Please ask us about our current specific products, rates and fees. APR=Annual Percentage Rate.

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Membership at POPA FCU gives you access to any of our convenient products and services, such as online banking, bill pay, direct deposit, and so much more. You also receive one vote during an election at our annual membership meeting.