Key Copies… by Smartphone!

  • Categories: Fraud

Smartphone apps are convenient in ways we never imagined!
There is now an app that allows you to copy keys with your phone. “Keys Duplicated” aka “Shloosl”, will copy your house key for you using nothing more than a couple of smart phone photos.

To get a copy made, all you have to do is snap two photos of your key — one photo per side — from about 4-inches away. You then email the highest-resolution photos possible to “Keys Duplicated”, and let their robots do the rest. Pay $5.00, including shipping, and you’ll have a discreet, unmarked envelope with your copy in your mailbox within a couple of days.

While the company is adamant that their process is 100% secure from every angle, there’s another potential, even easier way for thieves to copy our keys and gain access to our homes. We should all take care to make sure our keys never leave our possession. If thieves don’t have access to our keys, they can’t make copies:

  • If you leave your car key with a parking, valet, or car wash attendant, leave only your vehicle’s ignition key.
  • Do not leave anything with your name and address attached to your keys.