Debit Card Benefits

MasterCard® Debit Card ID Theft Protection Benefits!

POPA FCU is committed to giving you around the clock service and protection when you need it most. Your POPA MasterCard® Debit Card offers an ID Theft Protection program at no extra cost. Click on the MasterCard® ID Theft Protection link below to sign-up for MasterCard® ID Theft Protection today.

  1. MasterCard® ID Theft Protection – A free 24/7 identity theft protection that scours the internet and alerts you if it detects that your personal information such as credit/debit cards, Social Security Number, driver’s license or other sensitive data is being bought or sold online.
  2. Emergency Wallet Replacement – If your entire wallet and documents are ever stolen, experts are here to help you get replacements right away.
  3. Expert Resolution Service – If you think your identity have been stolen, experts can guide you through filing an affidavit, cancelling accounts to notifying the major credit reporting agencies.

MasterCard® ID Theft Protection