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Guaranteed AssetProtection

Protect your ride.

Don’t be stuck making payments on a car you can’t drive!

If your insured car is totaled in an accident or stolen, your auto insurance may give you a settlement based on the car’s actual cash value, not what you paid for it. Since cars depreciate in value quickly, your settlement may not cover what you still owe on your auto loan. That could leave you with no car and a big bill to pay. POPA’s GAP Coverage can help avoid this unfortunate scenario.

3 reasons you should protect your vehicle loan with POPA FCU GAP

  • Low cost! For a low one-time premium of $495.00 you can protect your auto loan.
  • The sooner you add GAP coverage, the better. Regardless of the make, model or mileage of your vehicle, you can cover your loan with GAP. Add it during your loan application or on an existing loan – the price is the same, the coverage is the same.
  • $1,000.00 towards a replacement vehicle! If you need to file a claim due to a vehicle total loss, and you finance with POPA we will provide an additional $1,000.00 toward the financing of a replacement vehicle. Even if your vehicle is paid off in full from the settlement, we will still provide the additional $1,000.00 toward the financing of a replacement vehicle.

More reasons to consider GAP

  • Covers primary insurance deductible up to $1,000.00
  • Protection is provided for the term of the loan (up to 84 months)

To make your decision even easier, we offer several payment options. You can add the premium to your auto loan (which will increase the payment accordingly), write us a check, or transfer the full amount from your savings or checking account.

For more information contact our Loan Department at 562-229-9181 or 800-369-7672.

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