Overseas With Your POPA Debit Card?

Are you travelling overseas? Be sure to let POPA FCU know of your travel plans so we can make a note on your account and allow transactions to be approved. You can also schedule your travels through our POPA Mobile Banking App (available on iOS and Android devices) within the Card Controls function.

If you attempt to use your card internationally without letting us know, the transaction may not be approved due to fraud prevention. If you plan on traveling out of the United States, please notify us so we can make sure your debit card is available for you to use.

You also have the ability to set travel notifications for both VISA and Debit cards, through Online Banking Card Control. You can activate, reactivate, and report lost or stolen ATM, Debit or VISA cards as well.

If Your Debit Card is Blocked…

If your POPA Debit Card is blocked or placed on hold due to “suspicious activity,” a FALCON representative (our fraud control representative) on behalf of POPA FCU, will contact you at the primary telephone number we have on file.

You will be asked to verify the last few transactions made. If a representative is not able to reach you, your card will continue to be on hold until you contact the Credit Union or FALCON.

Bon Voyage!

Please note: Some foreign countries are blocked by OFAC and no transactions are available in these areas. For a current list of blocked countries, please visit the U.S. Department of the Treasury Resource Center.