K-9 $avers Youth Account

Our K-9 $avers youth account is geared towards educating children and young adults on the importance of money management.

K-9 $avers’ accounts are designed for children all the way up to age 17. You can begin earning dividends with a minimum of $10.00 – minimum average daily balance requirement is $10.00.

Here are some of the added benefits that come along with the account:

  • Free Online Banking
  • Free POPA Mobile Banking
  • Free Games & Prizes (at our 4 branch locations)
  • Free eStatements & Quarterly Newsletters

Get your Children Started on their Path to Savings

Join Online TODAY!

If you don’t have access to a computer with internet please follow the instructions below.

  1. Complete the Membership Application (minor is ‘primary’, parent/guardian is ‘joint’).
  2. Complete the Membership Acknowledgement (must be notarized if mailing in).
  3. Mail or bring into the POPA office nearest you (include copies of two forms of ID for each owner if mailing in – for minor, social security card, birth certificate, or school ID will fulfill this requirement)!

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