iLocate GPS

Stay Connected with POPA FCU and iLocate GPS

POPA FCU has partnered with iLocate GPS to help protect you and your family’s vehicles while you’re away. Install a hidden GPS tracker and gain access to various tracking features.

  • Vehicle Location
    Find and track your vehicle from anywhere at any time
  • Stolen Vehicle Recovery
    Works with local Police to quickly locate and recover your vehicle
  • Boundary Alerts
    Create boundaries that will alert you when your vehicle enters or exits an area
  • Vehicle Alerts
    Know when your battery is low and set mileage alerts to keep track of your vehicle maintenance
  • Speed Alerts
    Receive notifications when your vehicle exceeds a set speed
  • Fail-Safe Backup
    Continues to work even if power is cut and will alert you if the device is ever disconnected

Visit your local POPA branch, or give us a call today at 562.229.9181/800.369.7672.

The iLocate GPS app is available on both the App and Google play stores.
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